New phone (HTC Legend) and some new challanges

So I have just got my hands on the new HTC Legend. It is an Android 2.1 handset featuring with 600 MHz processor.

It had to be an android phone. Being a flash developer it hardly seemed right to give Steve Jobs my money.
I am not going to write some long winded review about the phone. There are plenty of bloggers doing that already.

What I am talking about here today is my challenge to build an app/widget/something for this phone :)

It is good to see that there is already a strong community of android/phone developers out there pushing software, ideas and help to get people like me up and running. A couple of sites that I have been recommend have turned out to be gold mines :)
This site has it all from what is Android to what software I need to get building.
The developer guide that takes you through setting up your build environment using Eclipse and sdk’s is great!. I was able to run my first sample app after a few hours.
Though it would be good to see a single IDE like Flash where you can just build and publish.
The site also has a bunch of sample apps doing various things available to try out.
This site scared me off a bit. Initially the site looks impressive and seems to cover every type of phone out there but once you click on your particular phone the style of the site changes and I am then displayed a page that looks like something that was created in the 90′s. A list of software to install with no descriptive reasons as to why. That’s not to say that the design of the pages bares any relevance on the content they are displaying but it all seemed a bit thrown together. I don’t want to put phonegap down I’ve still to actually try it!.

From what I hear there is a whole load of others all trying to do the same thing. For the moment I will be working between and using eclipse java sdk and windows android sdk

I’ve still to talk about flash websites in the browser on the android. Initially tests of some flash sites do show flash working pretty well though some site’s don’t size properly. I was really surprised to see my old site and DopeAwards running well via the phone some issue’s but nothing that stopped the sites displaying the information I would normally see. I will come back to this at a later time.

Ok so I know what I want to build hush* hush*. I know I can build this in Flash and have done in the past.
Let’s see how long it takes me to get something out there on the android.


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