Glasgow’s Sighthill Towers razed in overnight blasts

The two 19-storey flats in Glasgow’s Sighthill were brought down at 0230am. Unfortunately that was i missed this. I was doing what the rest of Glasgow as doing at this time in the morning. :)

Thankfully i got an email in my inbox on sunday morning with some great snaps my friend took.

Thanks to Rikki at for the pic’s.

There is also some good video footage to be found on youtube.

Here are a couple i liked.

A comprehensive list of past and future Glasgow demolitions has been put together using Goolge maps.

Glasgow Demolition Map

Thanks to Scott Ramsay for getting this up and running.

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One Response to Glasgow’s Sighthill Towers razed in overnight blasts

  1. Wow thanks for that, great pictures and even better videos