The time has come to properly learn AS3

So there was me in between projects getting my feet wet with AS3 when i am told “We need to know AS3 for the next project!”.

So here we go…
Books i am currently reading.

actionscript 3 cookbook
Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook
Review: Not done yet

Object-oriented Actionscript 3
Object-Oriented Actionscript 3.0
Review: Not done yet

Learning Actionscript 3
Learning Actionscript 3.0
Review: Not done yet

Advanced Actionscript 3 with Design Patterens
Advanced Actionscript 3 with design patterns
Review: Not done yet

I will probably post reviews on these books as i go through them and get and better understanding of AS3.

My method of reading has been to read through required topics in each book rather than the cover to cover method.

I have already posted some basic working examples already here on the blog that work with having your code on the timeline (AS2 method of coding). I have never done flash work before that involved classes and packages but from what i have read so far I can now look at my personal flash site and see the greater benefits of using/learning AS3.

The main reason for the blog entry more than anything else is so that i can look back in a couple of years and think about what i have learned from these books in this time and think how i have developed as an AS3 developer. Obviously i will be submitting AS3 examples over time to the blog.

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3 Responses to The time has come to properly learn AS3

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  3. Stephen says:

    Actionscript Design Patterns is written bad I think…

    I recommen Gamma/Johnson/Helm “Design Patterns”. It’s much more understandable.
    Here is the link I found,-Helm,-Johnson-and-Vlissides_W0QQitemZ120382734917QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090224?IMSfp=TL090224127001r345