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Paul Bainbridge Flash DeveloperMy name is Paul Bainbridge.
I am a freelance Flash-all-round jack the lad developer of over 12 years experience in the industry. My knowledge involves Flash AS2/AS3,  php, mysql, xml, Photoshop,  and slowly moving into AIR for Android and Ipad.

I live in the sunny South side of Glasgow. It is never a dull moment here with it’s diverse range of cultures.
For the past 7 years and I’ve been working from home and while some of you might say WoW great your own boss, no one looking over your shoulder blah blah blah… It does have it’s downside! School holidays 2 kids and 7 weeks of shouting, crying, hyperactivity and if  I am lucky some sunshine. It is Scotland after all! ( I am sure there are some out there that know exactly what I am talking about. ) Though dropping kids off at school in the morning and back home for a cuppa before I start for the day is great!

David and Chloe

My love of flash came from seeing what ego7 and theory7 had produced way back then with flash (2000-2001).  Both of at the time where pushing the boundaries of flash.  I don’t recall how I came across these sites but I do know that I was already playing with Flash at the time.





My personal flash site is innovativedesigns.org.uk

Innovativedesigns has seen 4 major updates over the past 11 years but has always retained it’s original design and remained flash based.

I’ve worked with various companies around the world but in recent years I’ve been working with Theory7.com on a project to project basis.  I’ve gained a lot of my commercial experience via theory7 working on projects for clients such as Honda, Morrisons, co-operative and Gartmore.  More  recently a lot of my time has been taking up with developments on dopeawards.com and vesaro.com.

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk flash or are looking for a developer to do some work for you.

I am also an avid gamer and you’ll find me most nights chillin on the 360.  Feel free to add me if you want to hook up for a game.  My tag is Glasgow Flasher

To me ACTIONSCRIPT is like LEGO, Only for the big Kids :)

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